Don’t Overpay for your Next Apartment….

Follow these EASY steps to avoid getting ripped-off by Greedy NYC landlords!


It is very common in NYC for landlords to overcharge tenants when renting an apartment. I mean, rents are already high as they are, so having to overpay for the same identical unit that probably just rented down the hall for a whole lot less is not a smart idea. Yet, this type of activity happens everyday! In fact, most tenants view the asking rent as something that’s set ‘in-stone.’ They don’t question whether or not it’s market rent based on comparable units in the building that have recently leased. Most people just go with the flow assuming the landlord is being fair when offering the apartment for rent. Well….I have a surprise for YOU:

Don’t be a SUCKER!

Landlords are not in the business to discount rents! And they’ll take every opportunity to stick you with higher rents at every chance. So you may be asking yourself, “how do I protect myself?” and “what can I do to stay informed?”

Let me share a tool that most people don’t know about. This tool is going to make life a whole lot better and hopefully save you thousands of dollars! Are you ready to stop overpaying these greedy landlords?


The first thing you need to do is go over to: Street Easy.

Once there, go here….


Street Easy Comparable Search


And then run your search as follows….

Rent Comps Street Easy


Once the search is complete, you’ll be able to see every apartment within a specified time frame and parameters that has leased within the building or around the neighborhood. Street Easy has an arsenal of data in their database to help consumers make informed decisions about buying, selling or renting. Armed with this new information you can now effectively negotiate a better price for your next apartment. Don’t be fooled by what the landlord or their real estate agent tells you. Do the homework… will payoff in the long run. 

Our team is intimately familiar with the nuances of finding and negotiating the best price for your next apartment. It is far too common that tenants often end up overpaying on their rental units – sadly that’s often the case. All this hassle could be avoided by having the right real estate broker by your side. We have saved our clients thousands of dollars in the long-run and are confident we can do the same for you too! As a token our sincere appreciation for having taken the time to read this post, here’s a $100 coupon that you could use towards the application fee on your next apartment.


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